We are OPEN FIELDS. We work in the agro-food industry, providing services for innovation and technology transfer to companies.


We believe that the most innovative techniques and the latest scientific knowledge in the agri-food sector are essential to combine the industrial production of foods with the unique and simple flavors of nature, preserving their taste and use for the well-being of people.


Precision Farming and Sustainability

On December 7th, at the Auditorium of University of Parma, there will be held a meeting dedicated to precision farming and to the successful experiences in the academic community, in public and private sectors. Roberto Ranieri will talk about the needs of the agro-food business related to the precision farming.

You can read the conference schedule here (in Italian only): programma 7 dic 16

Job offer

Open Fields is always looking for new, talented and proactive food or agricultural scientists and food chemists. If you are interested, you can speak fluently both English and Italian and you are eligible to work in Italy, get in contact with us, send your CVs to info@openfields.it.