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Solutions to reduce soil erosion in hilly and mountain areas maintaining and enhancing agricultural activities.
Competitiveness increase of high hill and mountain farms through cereal biodiversity valorization under organic farming (Bio2).

Tritordeum® presented at AISTEC conference “I cereali per un sistema agroalimentare di qualità”

At the AISTEC Conference “I cereali per un sistema agroalimentare di qualità”, prof. Giovanna Visioli, of Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche, della Vita e della Sostenibilità Ambientale of the University of Parma and Dr. Marco Spaggiari, of Dipartimento di Scienze degli alimenti e del Farmaco of the University of Parma presented a poster on Tritordeum®. This is a new grain obtained from a natural cross between durum wheat and wild barley (Triticum turgidum var. durum  Desf. + Hordeum chilense Roem. & Schult.), originated about 40 years ago by a process similar to those that have been taking place for millennia in nature, but in this case it comes from man’s work (CSIC-IAS).

The analyses carried out on samples of Tritordeum®, common wheat and durum wheat conclude that “Tritordeum®, combining the nutritional quality of barley with the technological quality of durum wheat, can be considered a viable alternative to wheat for the production of pasta, bread and other products. It has good potential for use in organic farming, both with its original varieties (Aucan and Bulel) and with the new varieties currently being tested.”


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