We are OPEN FIELDS. We work in the agro-food industry, providing services for innovation and technology transfer to companies.


We believe that the most innovative techniques and the latest scientific knowledge in the agri-food sector are essential to combine the industrial production of foods with the unique and simple flavors of nature, preserving their taste and use for the well-being of people.


Solutions to reduce soil erosion in hilly and mountain areas maintaining and enhancing agricultural activities.
Competitiveness increase of high hill and mountain farms through cereal biodiversity valorization under organic farming (Bio2).

The Bio2 project describes itself during the meetings organized by GAL Prealpi e Dolomiti on the new call for the Operation Type 16: Innovating and cooperating in rural areas

The GAL Prealpi e Dolomiti, in collaboration with the National Rural Network, will organize three information sessions on the theme of innovation to illustrate the opportunities offered by the Operation Type 16 for the Operational Groups of the European Innovation Partnership – Productivity and Sustainability of Agriculture: innovation and cooperation in rural areas.

Open Fields, as invited speakers, will attend the meeting scheduled for 28th February 2018 with the theme “European Visibility and Dissemination of results”.

We will present the Bio2 project, report on the experience in the management of Operational Groups and share project objectives and strategies in order to underline the importance of disseminating the results gained with Bio2 project, in order to reach the maximum scientific and public impact, with the aim to increase the awareness of the results and making them accessible to all the EU institutions and companies that are facing similar themes.

Here the schedule of the meetings (Italian only).

Job offer

Open Fields is always looking for new, talented and proactive food or agricultural scientists and food chemists. If you are interested, you can speak fluently both English and Italian and you are eligible to work in Italy, get in contact with us, send your CVs to info@openfields.it.