The article, pubblished on Gazzetta di Parma, 17th September 2017, deals with the rediscovery of ancient grains, their health and nutritional characteristics, their environmental sustainability and the ongoing studies promoted by the Innovation Project Bio2. 

FederBio Servizi is the new consulting company created by the Federation of Italian Biological and Biodynamic Agriculture (FederBio) to support the organic chain operators

In the July/August issue of the monthly journal of agriculture of Regione Emilia-Romagna, an article about Red of Parma has been published (only in italian).

Presentation (in Italian only) by  Roberto Ranieri on successful experiences in innovation brokerage on the occasion of the conference “PSE and PIE, New opportunity for Agricultural Enterprises and Agribusinesses which Innovate” held at EIMA 2016, the International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition.

The article written by Silvia Folloni, Ilaria Mazzoli, Roberto Ranieri and Giacomo Zanni is focused on the promotion strategies for the durum wheat variety senatore cappelli. Published on Pastaria Journal n.1, January 2016.

The article written by Roberto Ranieri and Ilaria Mazzoli is focused on the importance of the business plan to take investment decisions in cereal value chains. Published on Pastaria Journal n.4, July 2016.

In the April/may issue of the monthly journal of agriculture of Regione Emilia-Romagna an article about the results of AMicoGrano project has been published (only in italian).


The article wrote by Roberto Ranieri is focused on geography of the durum wheat crop. Published on Pastaria Journal n.6, November 2015