Amicograno: guided visit to the experimental fields

For the second year, it was organized a guided visit at the experimental fields of the project Amicograno. The project is studying the impact of mycotoxins on modern and ancient grains grown under organic and conventional farming. The other project partners, co-financed by Open Fields, are Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard (PR), Capponcelli Mauro farm (San Giovanni in Persiceto, BO) and the Department of Food Science , University of Parma.
The field trip, held on 5th june at the “Azienda agraria Sperimentale” in Parma, was guided by Dr. Cristina Piazza (Stuard) and Dr. Antonio Rossetti (Open Fields) who explained the project objectives and showed the plots with modern and ancient grains.