In the April/may issue of the monthly journal of agriculture of Regione Emilia-Romagna an article about the results of AMicoGrano project has been published (only in italian).


The article wrote by Roberto Ranieri is focused on geography of the durum wheat crop. Published on Pastaria Journal n.6, November 2015

This is a very interesting presentation delivered on December 4th by Dr. Karim Ammar, head of the durum wheat and triticale breeding at the Bologna University. Durum wheat and breeding efforts are shown to overcome the issues of this species. Thank you Dr. Ammar!

Abstract conference Senatore Cappelli wheat

  Abstract of the presentation given by Roberto Ranieri and Professor Giacomo Zanni at the Conference “1915-2015 Il grano duro Senatore Cappelli compie Cent’anni” titled “Innovativity of ancient wheat varieties” (only in Italian)

Whole Grain Summit 2015

The presentation given by Roberto Ranieri  at the “Whole Grain Summit 2015” (24-26 June-Portland, Oregon), entitled “Developing and Customizing Whole Grain Breads for European Consumers”.

Products based on ancient cereal grains, a growing interest

The article wrote by Isabella Maglietti Smith,Federica Grassi e Silvia Folloni deals with the creation of a comunication and marketing strategy based on nutritional and historic facts for ancient grains. Published on Mulini d’Italia Journal, April 2015_ Version available only in Italian

Biochar stimulates plant growth but not fruit yield of processing tomato in a fertile soil

Roberto Ranieri is co-author of this article “Biochar stimulates plant growth but not fruit yield of processing tomato in a fertile soil” published on the Elsevier Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. It represents an interesting example of the results of a field experiment on a processing tomato crop aiming to enhance the knowledge on the real applicability of biochar at farm scale in a high fertility alkaline soil.