OGM in Europe

The presentation entitled “GMOs in Europe”, given by Silvia Folloni on 29/05/2013 at the University of Parma, Master course in Food Science and Technology.
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Conference at Museo Lombardo

Roberto Ranieri had the honor to be invited by the Italian community of wheat scientists to the conference “Wheat: the most relevant source of food for human beings” organized by the Museo Lombardo di Storia dell’Agricoltura. “The emerging needs of wheat processors” was the title of Ranieri’s presentation.
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Kuminda workshop

Open Fields was invited to the KUMINDA workshop on the food waste along the value chains. Open Fields presented the efforts of the processing tomato value chain of Northern Italy to reduce tomato and water waste as well as to get valuable components from seeds and skin derived from the tomato processing.
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Molecular Ecology Resources

Silvia Folloni et al. hanno recentemente pubblicato un articolo su “Molecular Ecology Resources”. L’articolo descrive la possibilità di monitorare le coltivazioni di mais Geneticamente Modificato (GM) attraverso l’analisi del polline in campioni di aerosol mediante analisi microscopica e molecolare con PCR in tempo reale.
Testo in inglese.

Escherichia Coli detection platform

The article by Dafni-Maria Kagkli, Silvia Folloni, Elodie Barbau-Piednoir, Guy Van den Eede and Marc Van den Bulcke entitled “Towards a pathogenic Escherichia Coli detection platform using multiplex SYBR®Green real-time PCR methods and high resolution melting analysis”.has been recently published in PLoSone. The article reports on the development of a set of intercalating dye Real-time PCR methods capable of rapidly detecting the presence of the toxin stx1 and/or stx2 genes together with intimin (eae) in the case of STEC, or aggregative protein (aggR), in the case of the O104:H4 strain responsible for the outbreak in Germany in 2011. Together, these Real-time PCR methods facilitate the detection of STEC in a new highly efficient way.