Our clients are national and international food companies, first-processing enterprises, factories producing ingredients, seed companies, farmers’ organizations.

Major industry groups with whom we develop specific projects to be undertaken on a large scale.

Medium or small businesses able to take advantage of our expertise and ability to collaborate with the corporate structures of Research and Development or with company’s people more susceptible to innovation.

Agricultural producer organizations with which we construct food chains based on specific varieties or minor species.


Our main areas of interest include durum wheat, tomato, chilli, minor cereals or pseudo-cereals chains. Thanks to our experience in the Agrifood industry we can propose industrial applications on finished products.

Durum wheat value chain
We exploit, in terms of trade and economic development, the results obtained in public or private research centers for the choice of varieties. The main criteria are: adaptability, quality traits, food safety aspects and nutritional features.

Primary processing
We design innovative applications for primary processing – particularly in milling. We are specialized in the technology of three steps debranning of durum wheat and in the consequent adaptation of the milling diagram.

Tomato value chain
We develop tailor-made varieties to meet the needs of industry innovation. We develop first-processing technologies with colleagues in R&D of our client companies.

Chili pepper value chain
Most of the red chili pepper used as ingredient by the food industry comes from Asia. Due to the introduction of stricter European food safety regulations and hygienic-sanitary norms, annually a large number of red chili pepper batches is not eligible for import. We are developing an Italian red chili pepper value chain, in accordance with the European food safety and traceability standards. So Red of Parma was born: an innovative line of chili pepper-based ingredients for the retail and the wholesale trade.

We develop dedicated raw materials –variety and tailor-made, semi-finished products– starting with genetic research up to the organization of Identity Preserved stocks. We study innovative uses of ingredients used in the production of whole-wheat pasta and gluten-free products.