Tritordeum® presented at AISTEC conference “I cereali per un sistema agroalimentare di qualità”

At the AISTEC Conference “I cereali per un sistema agroalimentare di qualità”, prof. Giovanna Visioli, of Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche, della Vita e della Sostenibilità Ambientale of the University of Parma and Dr. Marco Spaggiari, of Dipartimento di Scienze degli alimenti e del Farmaco of the University of Parma presented a poster on Tritordeum®. This is a new grain obtained from a natural cross between durum wheat and wild barley (Triticum turgidum var. durum  Desf. + Hordeum chilense Roem. & Schult.), originated about 40 years ago by a process similar to those that have been taking place for millennia in nature, but in this case it comes from man’s work (CSIC-IAS).

The analyses carried out on samples of Tritordeum®, common wheat and durum wheat conclude that “Tritordeum®, combining the nutritional quality of barley with the technological quality of durum wheat, can be considered a viable alternative to wheat for the production of pasta, bread and other products. It has good potential for use in organic farming, both with its original varieties (Aucan and Bulel) and with the new varieties currently being tested.”


To download the poster, please click below:



ASTER, in its role of “accelerator of the Innovation”, coordinates the Emilia – Romagna High Technology Network, to promote a model of skills development and to ensure a national supply of research that meets the needs of innovation of enterprises.

Roberto, in the video produced by ASTER, talks about Open Fields, our idea of Innovation and the meeting with the Emilia – Romagna High Technology Network through the SITEIA laboratory.

A successful PhD project

Open Fields cooperates with the Department of Food and Drug of the University of Parma in a PhD project which aims to characterize the co-products deriving from the first processing industry of wheat, maize and rice to meet the needs of the cereal industry to increase sustainability and competitiveness of the agro-food chain.

Marco Spaggiari, in the framework of this multi-disciplinary PhD program, studies food bioactive compounds and their effects on human health, including the safety and quality aspects resulting in an overall food integrity characterization.

Marco has already brilliantly presented the first results of his research by attending international conferences and has already won two awards for his posters! Below you can find some examples of his great work.


Pastaria Festival celebrates the 10th birthday of Pastaria

Today the first edition of Pastaria Festival will hold in Parma, to celebrate Pastaria’s ten years.
The protagonists of the industrial pasta processing will share knowledge and skills on pasta in a day full of conferences, workshops, lessons and presentations for deepening the various aspects of production, sales and management activities within a pasta factory.

Holders, business, research and development managers, technology and raw materials purchase experts and quality assurance and marketing specialists will define their own professional path within the articulated program of the Pastaria Festival.

All national pasta producers’ associations will attend the event, and even universities and research associations will play a leading role at Pastaria Festival, which will allow the sharing of knowledge and skills.

Open Fields with Roberto Ranieri will participate at the event; Roberto will play the role of mediator of the conference organized by Molino Grassi, “The biological chains in the world of pasta”.

Below the schedule of the event, which in few days recorded the “sold out”!

FederBio Servizi at SANA 2017

We spread the Press Release on the presentation of FederBio Servizi to SANA 2017.

The event was the opportunity for FederBio Servizi‘s members to present the services offered by the company through a staff of agronomists, experts and consultants.
The Press Release also reports the visit of the Minister for Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies Maurizio Martina, to FederBio stand.
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Below the speakers’ presentations (in italian only):

Federbio presents Federbio Servizi at SANA, the International Exhibition of Organic and Natural Products

Today, Friday 8th of September, FederBio Servizi will be presented at SANA, the International Exhibition of Organic and Natural Products.

FederBio Servizi is the new consulting company created by the Federation of Italian Biological and Biodynamic Agriculture (FederBio) to support the organic chain operators.

FederBio Servizi, thanks to an associated group of agronomists, experts of the organic agri-food system and consultants, including Open Fields, assists start-ups and organic chain operators in the development of new markets, in the design and implementation of research and development projects and in the transfer of the most innovative techniques in the organic and biodynamic agri-food sector. Moreover, the company provides assistance to the Public Administration in the development of organic and biodynamic policies.

Open Fields with Roberto Ranieri will participate at the event, and will discuss on how to “Build solid bases for an organic agro-industrial chain”.

Here you can find the schedule of the event.