Innovation potential and impact of ancient varieties. Promotion strategies for the durum wheat variety Senatore Cappelli.

A new article by Open Fields is on-line on Pastaria, digital version (n. 1/2016).
The article, entitled “Innovation potential and impact of ancient varieties. Promotion strategies for the durum wheat variety Senatore Cappelli”, was written by Silvia Folloni, Ilaria Mazzoli, Rorberto Ranieri and Giacomo Zanni.
To read the article, download the journal at the following link

New Book Releases

Pentagora libri

We would like to bring to your attention two interesting books edited by Pentàgora:

1. “I frumenti”, by Oriana Porfiri (in italian);

2. “L’origine delle piante coltivate” by Nikolaj Vavilov. Italian translation by Caterina Fiannacca of the book written in 1926 by the famous Russian scientist. Oriana Porfiri was responsible for the scientific content.

Final AMicoGrano conference

The final conference of “AMicoGrano” project was a great success. The project aimed at studying the mycotoxin contamination in ancient and modern varieties of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum var. durum Desf.), soft wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and ancient species (Triticum monococcum L., Triticum turgidum var. dicoccum L., Triticum spelta L.), grown under conventional and organic farming techniques to identify varieties showing higher adaptability and fusarium head blight resistance under organic farming conditions.

Find the presentation given by the project’s partners (only in Italian) in the “documents” section.

Final AMicoGrano conference

The final conference of the “AMicoGrano” project will be held on November 26th 2015 at the Santa Elisabetta centre (Parma University Campus). AMicoGrano project was funded by Regione Emilia Romagna (bando zona sisma 2013) and cofunded by Open Fields srl. During the conference – organized by Open Fields and the Dept. of Food Science of Parma University – the results achieved by the project will be illustrated and discussed by the project partners. The welcome speech will be given by the University Rector Loris Borghi, followed by Simona Caselli – Councillor for Agriculture of Emilia Romagna Region – who will focus on research policy. More talks about research in agriculture by Paola Battilani (University of Piacenza) and Marina Carcea (Aistec), and on business perspectives of ancient grains by Silvio Grassi (Molino Grassi), will pave the way for an interesting discussion.
Download the program here. Don’t miss the conference!!