Red of Parma


Most of the chilli pepper used as ingredient in sauces and cold cuts comes from Asia due to competitive costs and large market availability. With the introduction of a very strict healthy food regulation and sanitation standards into the European Union, several batches of chilli pepper are not eligible for the import.
Since July 2011, Open Fields works on the development of a national chilli pepper advanced production chain, controlled and secure, able to satisfy the industry and Italian/European costumer needs.
Many results have been obtained in product and knowledge development:
selection of varieties suitable for a technological value chain; identification of different production chain operators; optimization of cultivation; harvesting and processing phases; definition of a cultivation protocol; Know-out development; characterization of chilli pepper hotness, aromatic and functional compounds; assessment of mycotoxin absence; development of a line of different spicy products named RED OF PARMA® for the industry and the retail