Joint Point Project at the Verona University

On 7th March 2015, Open Fields attended the Joint Point Project sponsored by Verona University, for the new Bando 2015 presentation. Join Point Project, born with the intention to promote the interactions between University, Companies and Region to set up shared research projects, involving Verona University and the private sector of the territory. Open Fields since 2014, in collaboration with Professor Antonella Furini (Department of Biotechnologies, Verona University), is engaged in the study of different varieties of  Triticum monococcum to evaluate the α- gliadins toxicity and the ω-gliadins possible protective effects with the aim to make innovative food prototypes suitable for the non celiac gluten sensitive people.

The new book “Durum Wheat: Chemistry and Technology” is now available!

The second edition of “Durum Wheat: Chemistry and Technology” edited by Michael J. Sissons, Marina Carcea, Brian Marchylo, and Joel Abecassis is now available! It represents the most extensive and comprehensive reference on durum wheat chemistry and technology ever written—from the leading experts in the field.
Roberto Ranieri has contributed by writing the chapter on “Marketing perspectives in the durum wheat trade”.