We create value in the food chain linking research to industry needs.



We promote innovation and technology transfer in the agri-food industry… —read more— with particular reference to plants and finished products of reference of the Mediterranean diet such as bread, pasta and its sauces.

Variety and semi-finished tailor-made products – on durum, bread wheat, small grains, tomato and chili starting from genetic research up to the organization of Identity Preserved food lots.

Innovative applications for the technologies of primary processing, particularly in milling technologies and durum wheat debranning, wheat sorting for principals hygienic and qualitative parameters, air classification etc.

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We valorize, in terms of commercial and economic development, the results produced in public or private research centers.

Analysis and interpretation of public and private research in order to elaborate projections of impact of any derived innovations on the business of our clients.

Development of research projects funded both at national and European levels in order to continue to update and improve the knowledge required for technological innovation.

Projects Portfolio

Financed projects: AMicoGrano, HealthBread, GD-Altec, Agropyrogas, PepinER.

Private projects: Grani Antichi, Red of Parma.


We connect operators of specific food chains for the development of innovative projects.

Creation of a network between different operators to start innovative value chains.
Creation of national value chains dealing with the production in Italy of raw material mainly cultivated in foreign countries. Browse Red of Parma’s case history.
Value chains located in foreign markets starting from Italian raw materials.