We are Open Fields.
We create value in food chains by linking research to industry and market needs.

We believe that the most innovative techniques and the latest scientific knowledge in the agri-food sector are essential to combine the industrial production of foods with the unique and simple flavors of nature, preserving their taste and use for the well-being of people.

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We are a company located in the Parma district and committed to the agri-food industry, providing services for innovation and technology transfer since 2010.

Our experts – agronomists, food technologists, biotechnologists and economists – support national and international client companies in the creation and optimisation of value chains, from field to finished products, also through the formulation of business plans for new projects (from market analysis to feasibility studies).
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We support client companies throughout the project:
• R&D projects;
• Agronomic techniques;
• Creation of targeted value chains;
• Design of innovative applications for primary processing;
• Market approach and competitive analysis;
• Business plan building and feasibility analysis;
• Launch of new products.
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