An innovative system of physical and digital grain traceability

Pallina®️ is an innovative Grain physical Tracing System, patented in Italy ad Europe, that helps in keeping identified a grain lot during its moving from harvest to processing thanks to Radio Frequency IDentification.

The technology is composed by transponders, dispensers, antennas and a cloud. The traceability is guaranteed by the physical presence of Pallina®️ in a grain lot. After its insertion into the grain mass, Pallina®️ is monitored throughout all its moving from silos to silos and/or from silos to mill by means of an antenna. The information detected by the antenna during Pallina®️ moving is collected in a cloud and can ensure the complete traceability of the grain.

We believe this technology is the missing ring of all traceability systems based on paper and/or IT (e.g. Block Chain). Moreover, our technology is specifically suitable for Identity Preserved grain projects or for the Organic sector, reducing significantly the fraud risks.

Pallina description on Molini d’Italia magazine December 2021, (Italian only).

Dr. Mia Marchini presents Pallina® technology at BioDemoFarm 2022 at the Stuard Experimental Farm, at Clust-ER Agroalimentare, leader of the CREDAS project – Cross-regional Ecosystem for Digital Agrifood Service.