TreeTalker technology: listening to plants to contribute to the health of the Planet

The TreeTalker®, invented and built by Nature 4.0, is a device that is applied to the plant without damaging it and is able to monitor in real time a series of variables, relating to its state of health but also, through calculations that start from the measurement of the growth of the trunk, to the absorbed CO2.

The measured parameters, transmitted via LoRa technology (from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Trees) can be easily consulted by the user, on computer and smartphone, thanks to the provision of a customized Data Room, from which it is possible to follow the trend of the values of interest in their evolution by means of dedicated tables and graphs.

Open Fields, in collaboration with Nature 4.0, deals with the definition and management of projects involving the use of this equipment, making the project perfectly tailored to the needs of the individual user, and the data easily readable and usable.

The monitored parameters

The monitored parameters (in continuous evolution) are:

  • Sap-flow
  • Stem humidity
  • Canopy light transmission
  • Tree trunk radial growth
  • Tree trunk axis movement
  • Soil moisture
  • Dust particles (urban pollution)
  • Daily absorbed CO2 (data calculated with internationally recognized IPCC procedure and provided on blockchain platform for greater transparency and traceability).

The measurement of carbon

The measurement of the carbon stored by the tree is calculated starting from the diameter growth of the trunk (measured daily with a special sensor) and the amount of leaf biomass (estimated by the measurement of the transmitted light and its spectral components).

Data are processed using algorithms developed and validated by IPCC.

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