Our publications

We are very active in the dissemination of project results, both in technical and scientific papers and with articles with a more informative slant.

The publications you find here are in English: if you read Italian, you can find more papers in the Italian section of this website.

The transition to a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet

Evolutionary Wheat Populations in High-Quality Breadmaking as a Tool to Preserve Agri-Food Biodiversity

An innovative system of physical and digital grain traceability – PALLINA on Molini D’Italia Magazine

The Paper mill in the common wheat value-chain

Sprouting of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor [L.] Moench): Effect of Drying Treatment on Protein and Starch Features

Small steps towards a sustainable future: the role of Azienda Stuard

Wholewheat bread: Effect of gradual water addition during kneading on dough and bread properties

The use of red lentil flour in bakery products