Our publications

We are very active in the dissemination of project results, both in technical and scientific papers and with articles with a more informative slant.

The publications you find here are in English: if you read Italian, you can find more papers in the Italian section of this website.

Healthy diet and sustainability

L’estate super hot dell’Azienda Stuard – Assaggiami magazine

The “Pappa di Parma” integrated approach against moderate acute malnutrition

A Comparative Study of Organic and Conventional Management on the Rhizosphere Microbiome, Growth and Grain Quality Traits of Tritordeum

“Ascoltare” gli alberi fa bene anche a noi

Article on the Carta del Mulino’s rules – Terra è Vita n.3-2020

Presentations illustrated at the conference “Grano duro in Emilia-Romagna: oltre la campagna 2019”

The Tomato over the years and in the future – the Azienda Stuard contribution