The Tomato over the years and in the future – the Azienda Stuard contribution

The 5th edition of the Tomaca Fest was held on 31st August and 1st September. The event, organized by Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard in collaboration with the Municipality of Collecchio and sponsored by the Municipality of Parma, is totally dedicated to tomato as an agro-industrial pillar of the Parma district.The program involved the participation of experts and operators, and provided interesting initiatives for audiences of all ages.

Saturday 31st August, on the occasion of the conference “The tomato of yesterday, today and tomorrow”, Roberto Ranieri, as member of the Azienda Stuard’s BoD, gave a presentation on the Azienda Stuard contribution in the agronomic improvement that tomato acquired over the years.

Indeed, Azienda Stuard has become one of the national reference points for this species, thanks to the numerous experiments carried out since 1983 about varietal comparison tests, fertilization, defense, weed control and irrigation techniques, catalog fields preparation for biodiversity and organic farming.

Stuard’s constant commitment over the years and future testing objectives confirm its active role as a platform of ideas that can be translated into INNOVATION and BUSINESS by private companies, even through the cooperation with universities and research institutions.

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