Open Fields joined the Whole Grain Initiative

The Whole Grain Initiative aims to increase consumption of whole grains.

It was launched after the 6th International Whole Grain Summit 2017 where a joint declaration was adopted between 220 public health experts and PR managers, manufacturers and marketers, grain scientists and government regulators from 36 countries from all continents convened, with the goal of creating a collective action plan to globally increase whole grain intake.

Partners of the Whole Grain Initiative aim to carry out together actions necessary to meet the following key goals:

  • A global definition of a whole grain (raw materials) and on the definition of a whole grain food.
  • Consensus on recommended quantitative whole grain intake, backed up by both health and economic research.
  • Consensus about the contributions of whole grains to sustainable diets and the health of the planet.
  • Ongoing partnerships working together to increase whole grain consumption and to disseminate authoritative whole grain statements and campaigns globally.

As partner of the WGI, Open Fields is providing support and expert contribution to international working groups to help promoting the intakes of whole grains, in order to make a positive change in people’s and planet’s health.

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