Solutions to reduce soil erosion in hilly and mountain areas maintaining and enhancing agricultural activities

SOiLUTION is a project that involves Open Fields as coordinator, the Department of Sustainable Crop Production of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Consorzio Futuro In Ricerca, Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard S.c.r.l, Azienda Sperimentale Vittorio Tadini, Agriform and three farms from Parma and Piacenza provinces. The three farms are: Azienda Agricola Ritorno al Futuro di Mario Marini, Compiano, PR; Azienda Agricola Tambini Alessio, Compiano, PR; Azienda Agricola Casa Rosa di Dallanoce P. e Chinelli P. s.s., Nibbiano, PC.

The SOiLUTION Plan aims to develop the best conservative cropping system in marginal rural areas to reduce the erosion and the consequent decrease of fertility.

The two-year project therefore aims to develop a conservation agriculture model, which will improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of the mountain and hill farming production, described in a booklet “Best practices of Conservation Agriculture”, which will resume the basics of the model.

The objectives of the project­­ are the identification and dissemination of competitive agro-systems, more sustainable and cost-effective than the conventional ones for the farms and the operators in marginal areas, through the reduction of the erosion, the increased soil fertility, the adoption of innovative technological tools.

ROLE: Coordinator

TIMING: 2016-2018

CALL: PSR (MISURA 16.1.01)

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