AMicoGrano: a new project on cereals coordinated by Open Fields

Amicograno project started in October 2013. The two years project is funded by Emilia Romagna Region (Call 49 – 2013 Zona Sisma – Studio e ricerca settore Vegetale) and co-financed by Open Fields srl. The other project partners are Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard (PR), Capponcelli Mauro farm (San Giovanni in Persiceto, BO) and the Department of Food Science , University of Parma, to which the scientific supervisor Dr. Gianni Galaverna belongs.

Below some pictures taken during the visits of one of our experimental fields.
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The project will study the impact of mycotoxins on modern and ancient grains grown under organic and conventional farming. The aim is to improve the safety of cereal production, maintaining the biodiversity and environmental sustainability in the Emilia- Romagna region. To achieve this objective, the project aims to carry out a thorough study of the contamination by deoxynivalenol (DON) in ancient and modern varieties of wheat and durum wheat and Spelt cultivated both in conventional and organic farming, in order to identify varieties that show adaptability and resistance to Fusarium graminearum.
Different field visits will be organized in the end of May 2014 and 2015 to disseminate the project advancements.

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