Durum wheat beyond pasta

In some Southern Italian regions like Apulia, Sicily and Sardinia, durum wheat is used for bread making instead of soft wheat. This is the so called re-milled durum wheat semolina, a type of semolina passed through a smooth roller mill to further reduce the semolina particle size. The almost-flour obtained as such allows a perfect bread leavening. The ALTAMURA BREAD (from Apulia), the CARASAU BREAD (from Sardinia) and the ARTESAN SICILIAN BREAD are the most known traditional Italian products having re-milled semolina as main ingredient. pane-granoduro2 Durum wheat, which is compulsory in Italy for pasta making, is increasingly entering the world of baking products: pizza, croissant, and bread substitutes. Selezione Casillo, a company belonging to the Casillo Group, is moving in this direction by offering a line of re-milled semolina (SEMOLE D’AUTORE) suitable for bakery products and confectionery, for industrial, artisan and home-made productions. Their use in the preparation of biscuits, pizza, breadsticks, taralli, croissants, and bread, has been presented at the International Salone del Gusto organized by Slow Food on 25/29 October 2012, achieving resounding success.


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