IAOM Eurasia Report

Roberto Ranieri / Wheat debranning: industrial applications on durum wheat

Marina Carcea / Nutritional quality and functionality of wholemeal wheat

Francesco Casillo / Strategical tools for milling business growth

Ambrogina Pagani / Common wheat debreanning: preliminary studies

Maria Grazia D’Egidio / Debranning process and effects on some traits of durum wheat quality

Piero Luigi Pianu / Italian milling industry’s structure

The speechs of Francesco Casillo (worldwide leader in the trading and milling of durum wheat), Marina Carcea (from INRAN and current President of ICC), Ambrogina Pagani (Università degli Studi, Milan) and Roberto Ranieri (from Open Fields srl) given during the IAOM Conference of the Euroasiatic section in Florence, September 12-13, 2011.

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