Strengthening of the sustainable bread wheat value chain according to the Carta del Mulino’s rules

The two year project (October 2019-October 2021) involves Open Fields as coordinator, Agugiaro e Figna Molini, Capa Cologna, Grandi Colture Italiane, University of Bologna (DISTAL), Centoform, Barilla and the Farms Sandali Alessandro, Canalazzi and Padovani Italo.

The Carta MB project aims at strengthening the supply chain “Carta del Mulino” from an organizational point of view, validating it from a scientific and methodological point of view and improving supply chain services and agronomic management with particular reference to increasing biodiversity.

More specifically, the Project will assess the impact of the “Carta del Mulino” rules on sustainability and biodiversity; will assess the organizational efficiency of the innovation through an economic and environmental analysis; will introduce advanced technologies for precision agriculture and traceability in the value chain and will improve the supplier web platform.

The Plan consists of four work packages (WPs):

  • WP 1, aimed at facilitating the implementation and adoption of the production rules by the value chain operators;
  • WP 2, aimed at verifying the effects of the rules on the on-field biodiversity;
  • WP 3, aimed at improving the internet portal devoted to the management of the value chain and developing new IT tools to support it;
  • WP 4, aimed at measuring the economic and environmental impacts deriving from the adoption of the production rules.

Besides, coordinating activities,

dissemination of the results and implementation of the PEI network, educational-training activities will be carried out during the whole period of experimentation.

ROLE: Coordinator

TIMING: 2019-2021

CALL: PSR (MISURA 16.1.01)

BUDGET: euro 231.408,05

Project supported by: