CONtract Solutions for Effective and lasting delivery of agri-environmental-climate public goods by EU agriculture and forestry

CONSOLE is a research project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme (GA 817949) for an effective and sustainable distribution of agri-environmental-climatic public goods by European agriculture and forestry.

The main objective of the Console project is to identify new types of contracts to be concluded between public bodies and farmers or between private parties (e.g. between agro-industry and farmers) for the production of public goods in agriculture and forestry, through the application of voluntary measures also in preparation for the future agro-climatic environmental measures of the post-2020 CAP.

The project is coordinated by the University of Bologna and involves the Emilia-Romagna Region and many other actors involved in the design and implementation of Aecpg contracts (farmers’ organisations, regional administrations, consultancies, research institutes and water and forest management bodies), for a total of 24 partners in 13 countries.

The project partners analysed 60 case studies including promising examples of voluntary environmental and climate measures: landownership agreements, results-based approaches, collective implementation and value chain remuneration, supported by surveys and models.

Based on these experiences, the new contract models will be designed and tested in real decision-making contexts with the help of the “Community of Practice” (CoP). This experimentation aims to influence and improve the design of policies to achieve sustainable development objectives, in particular through environmental policies and the post-2020 CAP.

Total EU contribution: € 4.999.998,75

Project duration: 42 months

Starting date: 01.05.2019

End date: 31.10.2022


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