Visits to Bio2 experimental fields

On June 12th, the experimental fields of the Innovation project BIO2, have been shown to all interested people. The visits took place at Bismantova (Castelnovo Monti, RE) and Angus (Compiano, PR) farms.

In the morning, at Bismantova farm, Senator Leana Pignedoli, Prof. Salvatore Ceccarelli, Dr. Silvio Grassi and The Regional Minister for Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing Simona Caselli participated with their introductions.

Open Fields introduced the project mission and activities. Then, agronomists of the Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard guided visitors through the experimental fields. The Triticum ancient species and historical varieties sown in purity and mixes have been described.

For more details, photos and documents, click on this link.

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