Visits to the experimental fields of the Bio2 project – 2nd year of experimentation

Tuesday, June 12th the event: “VISITS TO EXPERIMENTAL FIELDS OF BIO2”, was held at Bismantova Farm (Castelnovo Monti, RE).

Before visiting the small and big plots, the agronomical, chemical and nutritional results of the first year of experimentation were presented to the participants and an update on the progress of the second year of experimentation was shared.

The agronomic results were presented by Cristina Piazza, Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard, and by Prof. Salvatore Ceccarelli.

Prof. Chiara Dall’Asta and Margherita Dall’Asta, Department of Food and Drug, University of Parma, presented the first results of the chemical and nutritional analysis on wheat, flour and breads made during the first year of experimentation.

The event was attended by Dr. Antonio Lo Fiego from the Arcoiris (Arcoiris, organic and biodynamic seeds company)and the Mayor of Castelnovo Monti, Enrico Bini.

Afterwards, the gronomist of the Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard guided visitors through the experimental fields describing the Triticum ancient species and historical varieties sown in purity and mixes.

We would remind you that Monday, June 18th, the visits to the experimental fields of the projects SOiLUTION and BIO2, will be held at Il Cielo di Strela farm (Strela di compiano, PR) and then at Angus farm (Compiano, PR). We look forward to seeing you all!

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