Escherichia Coli detection platform

Towards a pathogenic Escherichia Coli detection platform

The article by Dafni-Maria Kagkli, Silvia Folloni, Elodie Barbau-Piednoir, Guy Van den Eede and Marc Van den Bulcke entitled “Towards a pathogenic Escherichia Coli detection platform using multiplex SYBR®Green real-time PCR methods and high resolution melting analysis”.has been recently published in PLoSone. The article reports on the development of a set of intercalating dye Real-time PCR methods capable of rapidly detecting the presence of the toxin stx1 and/or stx2 genes together with intimin (eae) in the case of STEC, or aggregative protein (aggR), in the case of the O104:H4 strain responsible for the outbreak in Germany in 2011. Together, these Real-time PCR methods facilitate the detection of STEC in a new highly efficient way.

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