Development of novel lacto-fermented fruit and vegetable-based products

The two year project (April 2020 – September 2022) involves Open Fields Srl; Centro Interdipartimentale sulla Sicurezza, Tecnologie e Innovazione Agroalimentare – SITEIA.PARMA; EcornaturaSì; Vespignani Sara farm – Corte San Ruffillo; Punto Verde farm; Cà de Frà farm; Centoform.

The main aim of “C’è FERMENTO” is to develop an innovative line of organic juices/puree with high healthy properties using lactic acid bacteria. In particular, products with viable microorganisms and/or bioactive metabolites will be produced. The project deals with: i) Setting up and optimization of a fermentation protocol to be transferred to the production plant ii) improvement of yields and quality of organic production iii) characterization of the nutritional profiles of the products iv) identification of new marketing channels v) training and dissemination activities.

All the information collected from the study will be useful to gain these main results:

  • a better quality and yields of organic fruit/vegetable production, by identifying effective agronomic practices (i.e. use of compost with soil microorganisms);
  • the production of fermented juice/puree containing viable microorganisms and/or naturally enriched in polyphenols and vitamins;
  • the prototype development and a small-scale production.

Further, the juices and puree will be tested by sensorial analysis in order to measure the consumer acceptance.

The project represents an opportunity for the OG to participate in the process of co-creating a new product, still not present on the Italian market, starting with regulated quality productions (organic certified). The activities of the project will involve different phases of the supply chain, from agricultural production to processing, storage, packaging and commerce.

ROLE: Coordinator

TIMING: 2020 – 2022

CALL: Rural Development Programme of Emilia-Romagna, measure 16.1 – Focus Area 2A

Website European Commission – FEASR:

BUDGET: € 245.740,35

Project supported by: