Adoption of new reusable seedling trays for the improvemenT of the environmental sustainability of Northern Italian processing toMATo value chain

TomatER is a project supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region in the framework of the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme, measure16.2.01, project ID 5402938. The beneficiary is Consorzio Interregionale Ortofrutticoli (CIO). VSafe Srl., spin-off of UCSC Piacenza, Cipack, Open Fields Srl, AZ Gomma, Eridano Vivai, Vivai Fava and other farms in Emilia-Romagna collaborate in the project.

The ToMAT-ER project aims to improve the environmental sustainability of the processing tomato value chain in Northern Italy, by using new seedling trays made of plastic materials instead of disposable polystyrene and suited for machine transplantation. These seedling trays will be of two kinds: i) fully reusable and completely recyclable (mono-material seedling trays) ii) partly reusable, where a layer of thermoformed rPET covers the polystyrene base

pilot project will be carried out involving the whole supply chain from the agricultural phase up to the consumer by means of the following activities: i) technical feasibility study on the use of innovative reusable and recyclable seedling trays; ii) measurement of the environmental impact of the innovations tested on the agricultural and processing phase (by means of LCA analysis), (iii) calculation of the impact of the adoption of reusable and recyclable seedling trays on the cost structure through the development of a model that also allows for simulations.

The main results will be:

– Availability of reusable plastic seedling trays that will be recicled by in-house recycling, suitable for use in the supply chain of processing tomatoes in Northern Italy;

– Adaptation of the supply chain with inclusion of new steps for efficient management of new eco-sustainable seedling trays;

– Reduction of the environmental impacts of the agricultural tomato production phase.

– Quantification of the costs and social benefits of the modified value chain.



TIMING: 18 months (starting from September 2022)

BUDGET: 249.297,00 euro (funded at 70%)

PROGRAMME: RDP 2014-2020 – Measure 16.2.01 – Focus Area 3a

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